Dreambox is a brand development company. We deliver strategic and creative brand solutions to help your brand matter.

Sustainable Brands are built on truth, not on trendy gimmicks or fancy statements. Your business proposition needs to be easy to understand, even if what you do is complex.


  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Discovery & Brand DNA
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Definition
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand & Product Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines & Standards
  • Web and Mobile Presence
  • Brand Packaging
  • Digital Social Strategy
  • Brand Culture Prototype
  • Event Branding
  • Business Brand Integration
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Brand Communication Plan
  • Brand Collateral Design

What can we do for you?

What can we do for you?


Our proprietary LookInside™ process is designed to discover the truth and present it simply. Its end goal is to serve your business objectives and increase the value of your Brand.

  • 5D-1
  • 01:Discover
    Discover all the components that make up the essence of your Brand.
  • 5D-2
  • 02:Distill
    Reduce the Brand components to their essence. This is your Brand DNA.
  • 5D-3
  • 03: Define
    Using the Brand DNA, define the vital components of the Strategic Brief. The Strategic Brief becomes the living document that articulates the Brand’s integrity and path of growth.
  • 5D-4
  • 04: Design
    Create all visible expressions of the Brand based on the Brand DNA and Strategic Brief. Design the customer experience at each of the Brand’s touchpoints.
  • 5D-5
  • 05: Deliver
    Continually ensure that all sensory communication preserves the integrity of the Brand and delivers its promise.

See our results for yourself.


Whether you’re rebranding your existing organization or launching a new Brand, our team is committed to deliver the results you seek.
Dreambox helped us create the exact vision of what we wanted to achieve when we set out to re-brand PPG. Their thoughtfulness and intuitiveness helped guide us in selecting the right values and Brand promise, and in crafting the right logo. The impact of their work is felt daily in our division. I highly recommend Doru and his team if you are ready to take your business and Brand to the next level.Kelly Resendez — EVP of Sales and Business Development, Paramount Partners Group, A Division of Paramount Equity Mortgage


Whether you’re rebranding your existing organization or launching a new Brand, our team is committed to deliver the results you seek.

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our values

Purpose Integrity

We define the problem before we solve it.

Aesthetic Simplicity

We gain clarity and simplicity before achieving beauty.

Brand Strength

We build your Brand based on its simple truth.

Authentic Alignment

We ensure that values, strategy, message, and culture align with the Brand DNA.


We create and nurture meaningful connections.

Commitment to Growth

We continually make your Brand better and your business more valuable.