BrandWise – FAQ

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This is a small workshop and space is limited. If you’d like to invite a friend, they will need to submit an application and pay the attendance fee. If the person you are inviting is going to work on the same project you are working on (they are a partner in your business), please let us know, and we can discuss a discount for the second person.
No, this workshop addresses the strategic side of your Brand.
Our goal is to take every attendee through the strategic brand-building process. In order to provide the best benefit, we will be focusing solely on the activities and conversations that support that. However, we can address any such questions at our one-on-one post-event consultation.
You are welcome to bring a laptop but you don’t have to. If you prefer taking notes or working on assignments on your laptop, you may do so. We provide a workbook and worksheets you can use. For this type of work, we have seen far better results when using traditional handwriting methods, as it engages different parts of your brain.
Your brand strategy articulates the blueprint for building your brand. It is the foundation your brand is built on. It informs design, marketing messages, positioning, strategic alliances, social media topics, and many other functions of building a lasting brand.
Although some individual challenges will be addressed due to the material being presented and applied, you should make a list of concerns and ideas and we will address them at our one-on-one post-event consultation.
A brand consists of many elements which need to work together. Your brand strategy articulates the blueprint for building your brand. By the end of this workshop you will have a new blueprint with actionable items to begin building, or rebuilding your brand.
Our objective is to help you complete each of the exercises that help you formulate your brand strategy. Whether 1st draft version or final version, articulating the first iteration of your strategy will be great progress. You can always improve upon what you first created.
Yes, you can. Sequence matters. It is best to always start with strategy, followed by design and tactics. The insights you will learn, the key messages you will articulate will inform your entire brand. They will affect your naming, tagline, key messages, website, logo, and color selection. They will prioritize what you need to do first. They will help clarify who you are, what you offer, who your audience is, what they need, and how you can best connect with them.

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