We love it when our clients share their thoughts about working with us.

Through the years, I have played the game of marketing to build my dental practice. It has been a process of trial and error. Not until I started working with Doru, who helped me build a blueprint for success. It has been a revolutionary experience since then. Dreambox provides a foundation for marketing and is vital for business strategy. Doru and his team went over and beyond my expectations. It would have been nice if I met him before I opened Dental Haven. I am glad Dreambox helps transition my desired goal into a reality.
Cristina Grace Maniego — CEO, Dental Haven

If you are committed to branding, or rebranding your organization, that means you are willing to play all out and go through the process that will create clarity around your essence of existence for your sake, and for your customers sake. Make the commitment, invest in the process, and dive into it wholeheartedly.

Darren Virassammy — COO, 34Strong

Over the course of our partnership, Doru took our passionate but overly detailed thoughts, plans, and dreams for our company and helped us synthesize them into a cohesive, clear message that would easily transition into the marketing collateral and messaging that we needed to have a strong landing in the market place. This has been an unbelievable process!

Anna Straus — CEO, SparckCo

Our company needed a new marketing strategy, a relevant message, and a fresh look; a rebrand. Doru and his team at Dreambox provided the talent and expertise to assist us through this important process to bring our name, message, logo and online strategy into the 21 Century.

Ron Oates — President & CEO, Heritage Inventory

Through a thoughtful and inspiring process the Dreambox team helped us improve and strengthen our brand. The team is personable, simple to work with and they deliver fast. We have a wonderful relationship with Dreambox and they continue to be part of our journey. 
Charles Ferrell — CEO, F&H Construction, Inc.

Please know that Corry and I are extremely happy with your services! The quality of your work is far above and beyond any vendor I have worked with!

Angela Murray — Volition

I appreciate Doru’s warm personality and relentless effort to keep us on brand.

Jesse Murphy — Every Cup Counts Tour, OTL Coffee Company

The relevance of the brand strategy Dreambox implemented is amazing. It brought a sharper focus to my business. I could barely contain the thoughts running through my head and the ideas this process generated. I have a whole new wave of enthusiasm and energy toward better serving my clientele, and a solid framework to do it consistently.

Brigitte Crawford — Puali Fitness, CEO & Coach

Leaders grow leaders, and working with a Brand leader like Dreambox has most definitely grown Volition Inc., taking us to the next level. Doru, Nico, and the team at Dreambox, I cannot thank you enough! Best part of this all are the relationships we have built with strategic partners, committed to the mission and inspired by vision. Love you guys!. 
Cory Ann March — CEO, Volition, Inc.

When I met Doru, I was struggling with a lack of clarity in relation to my offer. Doru has worked with me on a strategic level to refine and define my business vision, purpose and offer. He has assisted me in getting back to the real essence of who I am and what makes me unique. This has provided a foundation to build my business upon and a focal point for all of the branding, marketing and service delivery. The new business name and tag line are fantastic!

Dana Masih — CEO, Executopia

Doru is a professional in every way. He is always up front with project costs, written agreements and consultations. He takes a sincere interest in wanting to understand the content and marketing challenge for each product before submitting proposed solutions. I heartily endorse him and his team.

Mark Gorman — Minister, Speaker and Coach

Doru has his clients’ needs at heart. He takes time and care in the pain-staking process of gathering detailed information in order to create a tailored product. I hired Doru to re-brand my company and to create my logo, website and marketing kit material. He translated my vision into reality and organized my content into a very easy-navigatable site. I also attended one of his educational sessions and learned much about what branding truly is, and how to streamline it across every aspect of business. His down-to-earth, personable nature and his step-by-step development process helped make our time together very productive and enjoyable.

Lisa Panarello — CEO, Careers Advance

I am especially grateful to Doru Bere and his team at Dreambox for the time and energy they spent assessing our needs, building our brand, as well as ultimately designing and launching Sistoadvisory.com
Mark Sisto — CEO, Sisto Advisory

Thank you Doru with Dreambox for all your help in connecting our ideas to help us form a deeper, more mindful, well balanced team! We really appreciate you!.

Whitney Jacir — CMO, FAM Properties

Doru’s reputation preceeds him. His passion and expertise match my perception of him.

Andre Fields — Professional Football Player & Speaker

Doru has the ability to draw from you things you didn’t know about yourself. 

Joey Satariano — Plado Group, Sacramento, CA

It has truly been a pleasure to work with you and the team at Dreambox.  I’m continually amazed with the unique thinking that you bring to the development of our new brand.  You’ve clearly had my best interests in mind and obviously have a sincere passion for delivering quality over and above anything that I ever expected. I highly recommend Doru and Dreambox to anyone looking to brand or rebrand their company.
Dan Trinidad — CEO, Partners Mortgage

Your commitment to helping speakers and consultants brand themselves “from the inside out” is passionately driven.

Lamont Brown — Author & Speaker

Beyond creating impressive designs, Doru and the team at Dreambox understand what is needed to produce a marketable brand with impact. You should have them in your corner.

Rebecca Sharp

Doru introduced our culture prototype to the team. Total success! To have our team share our values and be excited for the process was phenomenal. As always, Doru captured our values in a way we would not have been able to do so ourselves. He truly told our story. I’m proud of our team for being so open with this and look forward to our growth. Thank you Dewey! 

Whitney A. Johnson — CMO, Folsom Asset Management, Inc.

Dreambox helped us create the exact vision of what we wanted to achieve when we set out to re-brand PPG. Their thoughtfulness and intuitiveness helped guide us in selecting the right values and brand promise, and in crafting the right logo. The impact of their work is felt daily in our division. I highly recommend Doru and his team if you are ready to take your business and brand to the next level.Kelly Resendez — EVP of Sales and Business Development, Paramount Partners Group, A Division of Paramount Equity Mortgage

It was a real pleasure to work with Doru and Dreambox to design our Warrior Golf Classic promotional collateral. We needed it done fast and with very high quality work. Doru was patient with us and provided us exactly what we needed when we needed it.

Michael Harper — Associate Athletic Director, William Jessup University

Doru helped me take my team concept and brand ideas and make them reality! Everything that Doru did exceeded my expectations. Not only did he hit the nail on the head for what I was trying to come up with…he improved it and make it better than I could have imagined. He’s a true master of his craft and I cannot think of a higher endorsement to Doru and Dreambox.

Rusty Mendoza — The Preferred Group

Dreambox thoughtfully extracted the DNA of our culture and purpose, then turned that information into words and images that reflect our values and connect us with our customers. Every CEO should go through this process.

Greg Switzer — President and CEO, OTL Coffee Company, Inc.

It is nice to work with a company that takes the time to get to know their client. The outcome of the services provided were tailored to clearly represent who and what we are. Each step of the process, whether creating a new logo or designing a website is clearly thought out. Dreambox was with us every step of the way, and the results are worth it. Dreambox is a quality company all around.Michael Forde — Michael Forde, DDS/MS

Our firm contracted with Dreambox for the purpose of designing a corporate identity package. In addition to the initial identity development, their firm developed a client newsletter along with a series of direct mail postcards. To say we are pleased with their work would be a great understatement. They have performed above our expectations in all aspects of the project. Their project was completed on time and on budget. We enjoyed working with Doru Bere, our client contact with Dreambox. He brought a great amount of enthusiasm and commitment to the project, and took the time to listen and understand the workings of our business. Without hesitation I highly recommend Dreambox.

Michael Carter — CEO, ConTec Management Systems

Dreambox’s strategy process is comprehensive, enlightening and team building. It sets the stage for future success.

Don Beskeen — COO, CIS

Doru is one of the most creative conceptual designers I have met in 35 years of industry. He is detailed in planning, stays on task, and delivers a beautiful product. He has a keen sense of what design will touch and attract the desired audience to action. He is a valued member of TEAMSTS and is a delight to be with. I proudly recommend Doru.

Bill Coibion — Founder, Shoulder To Shoulder

Working with you on the LSL755 has been a pleasure, you have always approached the work professionally. Your ability to approach a concept without prior knowledge, take the information provided from the client and turn it in to words and images that grab the intended audience has been exceptional. We are attempting to educate our market, and you have helped us do that. Thank you again for your help!

Mark Beadleston — Owner/Partner, LSL755, LLC

VanWrite began working with Doru in 1994, yes, 22 years ago. He was our first and is our only brand and design specialist! At our initial meeting we were so impressed by his visionary listening skills. We really felt that he understood us and our mission. Doru designed VanWrite’s brand identity, collateral, and presentation communication. Doru’s work is strong and enduring; simultaneously, over the years he has made minor and major adjustments to keep our materials fresh. Doru is an absolute expert in his field, and passionate about attending seminars to stay on top of current trends. VanWrite never has to worry about the quality of our materials because Doru “has our back.” He is very busy, yet he gets stuff done quickly. When you work with Dreambox, you can be confident that you will have a successful result!Linda Vanderwold — CEO, VanWrite

Your work as exceeded our expectations in every way. We have valued your process, and your patience with us during that process. We love our new logo and feel it captures the essence of our firm. We are very grateful to be working with you as we grow and develop.

Deborah Maddux, JD, SPHR — Van Dermyden Maddux Law Corporation

The Dreambox experience is not typical. They take just as much time to truly uncover what you are about as they do in creating your outward messaging. There is nothing canned or template-based in what they do. It is truly a customized experience that seeks to define your individual brand and communicate it to your audience. On a personal note, just having a conversation with Doru with help you clarify your vision in ways that you may not even realize you need.

Amanda Blackwood — CEO, Momentum Initiative

We turned to Dreambox; their process is truly impressive. Simple, precise and logical. Much time is invested in understanding the human aspect before diving into what colors and shapes represent the company. It inspired us on how a consultant could care and dive into our aspirations, our investment, and our risk to help us issue a powerful first message. Everywhere we turned, we were complimented as professional and solid. The branding differentiated us. Dreambox strives for a quality and standards truly unique and rare; it is a breath of fresh air.

Andre Cattelier, — President, LSL755

Trusting our brand image to someone else has been one of the most difficult things we have had to do in growing our firm. We knew we needed expert help to get to the next level and we are so glad that we found Dreambox and Doru Bere! They provided sharp designs, sound advice for promoting our brand, and went above and beyond, exceeding our expectations. Money well spent. Beyond their professional and impeccable work they are just great people to know.Daryl T. Seaton — Founding Member & Financial Advisor, Solera Asset Managers, LLC

Doru has help the non profit I work for with brand development and logo design. His knowledge and expertise is first class and he is a pleasure to work with. It is without hesitation that I recommend Doru and Dreambox Creative for your next project.

Markel Ringer — CEO, Sophia Creative

Doru does a fabulous job capturing the essence of your business in his brand marketing design package. He takes the time to understand the business AND the owner when developing marketing materials. His eye for detail, creative design and ability to capture the voice of your business are amazing. I recommend him for any business looking for a fresh and innovative brand marketing development team.

Brenda Miller — Operations Specialist, Consultant, AGM Consulting

My firm LATCH hired Doru and the Dreambox team to build a website for my start up in the real estate space. Doru came to me by referral from two people for whom I have great respect. I am so grateful for their recommendation.

My expectations, which tend to be demanding, have been exceeded in an extraordinary way. While a person can certainly find less expensive solutions, I do not believe you can find a better value. Your brand will be presented in a superior way. Your website will be clean and well thought out. He will do what he says and more.

Don Yoakum — CEO, LATCH

 Thanks for helping me to play a bigger game! Your brilliance as a friend, brand guide and partner is priceless! Keep blessing the world with it.Rick VanDermyden — International Speaker, Consultant & Coach, RickVandermyden.com

Doru is a gifted marketing and brand strategist to assist position a business venture correctly within the market. In addition, Doru is a determined and accomplished speaker who is an expert in his field. Personally, Doru is a man of integrity who lifts up those around him and I recommend him highly.

Scott Smith — PMP, Program Manager, SAVVIS Communications

Doru’s creative energy is boundless, always delightful and full of surprises. Working with Doru has been a joy; we will continue to partner with him and Dreambox as our business grows, knowing he has been, and will continue to be, a key contributor in our entrepreneurial journey.

Mary Dachauer — President, Soaring Eagle Ventures

The strategic planning from Dreambox was instrumental for me as I launched my company. The genius of Doru Bere is truly phenomenal. His talents are by far the best in the industry of logo, products, and website design just to name a few. I recommend them to anyone who is serious about going to the next level, and creating a visual identity that would make them a standout among the competition.

Kenny Bey — Founder, More 2 Know, Intl.

I am thrilled with the outcome and can thank you enough!
I LOVE everything that you created. Working with your team has been an absolute pleasure!Amanda Blackwood — CEO, Momentum Initiative

The branding discovery process was incredibly powerful. It created a laser like focus of who I am naturally and how I show up in business and in life. Now I can create an intentional strategy of attracting clients that is built upon my strengths. The best marketing talks to someone’s soul far before it talks to their conscience. Dreambox Creative’s LookInside Process does that.

Karla Nelson — CEO, KarlaNelson.com

Doru took a personal and in depth interest from beginning to end. He and his team took much time to understand what my startup business was really about as well as taking the time to learn all about me and what my expectations were. I have been very pleased with Doru and intend on having his firm continue to help my business grow.

Jim Bender — President, J Bender Company

Strategic, cutting edge, design genius are words I think of when describing the ability of Doru Bere. From the time I met him in March of 2006 he has assisted me in taking a concept in my mind to a visual reality. He is the consummate professional, skillful in creating visual identities that reflect the very essence of that person. He is approachable, responsive and thorough, and truly committed to seeing his customers become successful. I recommend Doru and Dreambox to anyone serious about going to the next level.

Mack D. McGhee — CEO, Speaker, Author, Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Transforming Lives International

 Dreambox worked with our firm to help us develop our Brand Culture Strategy, define our firm values as well as retool our website. Our partners worked with their team to create value cards that we provided to our employees. The feedback has been tremendous, and our firm and employees continue to grow in the direction of our stated values and goals.  

I would highly recommend their services to any company which needs direction in developing their  mission statement and consistent values, as well as web site integration to tie all of that together.
Kriss Ann Mann — CPA, Partner, MUNCPAs

Doru is a first class professional. His work will make you look and feel like a superstar!

Dennard Mitchell — CEO of Men of Visions Worldwide Inc., FL

Author Gregory Bateson once said, “It takes two to know one.” In other words, you can’t know yourself by yourself. I thank you Doru for helping me to pull out my best quality traits. It will bring me much success as I journey to my destiny knowing that others can see me through my unique branding.

Kendall L. Anderson — Consultant, Speaker and Coach

Doru Ghedeon Bere has been invaluable to me. His remarkable ability to analyze my personal life-walk and pinpoint where my highest impact would be for audiences has been amazing to experience, and right on the money. Doru has been a powerful partner in helping me build a new audience, both online and on the platform.

Joe Pursch — Former Talk Show Host, The Salem Radio Network