Successful brands are clear about their purpose and their offering. They are strategic about their positioning in the marketplace to engage customers and successfully connect with them on multiple levels.

BRANDWISE is a Live Workshop. You will learn to develop your brand prototype authentically, engage customers, and ultimately grow your business. In an intimate setting of no more than 8 people and within 6 hours of focused work, you will achieve what other organizations achieve in 4 or more weeks.

In addition to the Live Workshop, participants will receive 2 individual sessions to fine-tune and complete the work developed during the workshop. The individual sessions will be scheduled within 2 weeks from the event date. 

Registration for the 2024 Public Workshop is now open. Please fill out an application. 

If you’d like to bring BRANDWISE to your team, instead of attending a Public Workshop, please select “Private Workshop” when filling out the application.

Thank you for your interest!

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