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From Idea to Product on Shelf

Retired construction worker Kevin Ross and industrial engineer Andre Catellier invented a device that easily allows anyone to angle their ladder to the OSHA-specified angle of 75.5 degrees. DREAMBOX was called upon to craft the brand for this invention as well as the brand identity for the company formed as a result of this partnership.

Our LookInside process crystalized the Brand Strategy for the newly formed company and the product itself, preparing it for promotion. We love being able to give life to an idea, but what we love more, is to be a part of innovation of a product people will use to save money, time, and most importantly, life.

LSL755 — A small device that solves a BIG problem.

The Challenge

According to various studies, ladder falls is the 2nd cause of dismemberment and death in the construction industry. Most of the falls occur because the worker sets the ladder at an incorrect angle of inclination. When we first met with the founders they shared with us two sets of statistics. One set showed the magnitude of this problem in terms of safety and human liability. The other showed how many inventors had crafted some kind of solution and pursued securing a patent. In order for our efforts to succeed, their solution had to be complete and simple. Beyond that, our brand positioning, messaging, and visual impact needed to cut through the clutter of less effective offerings.

Several factors have to occur in order for a ladder to be set correctly. First off, the ladder has to visibly show a decal that instructs on how to properly set the ladder. Assuming the decal is visible and legible in spite of wear and tear associated with ladder use, properly setting the ladder still involves the following variables:

  • User has to read the decal
  • User has to figure out how to do it, or be trained how to do it (if you ever tried to follow the instructions on the decal you’ll know what I mean)
  • User has to actually do it, based on their understanding of the instructions
  • User cannot really verify the angle
  • User has to be able to read the instructions in English or Spanish. The instructions are not shown in any other languages
  • Even if user reads the instructions they can still do it incorrectly
  • Actual measurements depend on user’s height and length of arms making the setup less accurate
  • Setup is highly dependent on even ground level

The Solution

The Ladder Safety Level

  • Does not need to be read, only noticed
  • No need to figure out
  • Doesn’t need refreshment training
  • Multi-lingual
  • Instant feedback
  • 100% Accuracy
  • Independent of users height
  • Accurate even with extendable ladder
  • Accurate every time
Ultimate level of innovation: instead of making it possible to do it right, make it impossible to do it wrong.

The Brand Promise

The Ladder Safety Level ensures the proper OSHA-prescribed, safe angle for your ladder every time. It requires no reading, measuring, or interpretation to accurately setup your ladder in order to preserve the safety of your life and those you care about.

The Result

In 3 months we crafted the Brand’s strategic positioning and identity, designed and produced the sales packaging, collateral and online presence. LSL755 was able to patent the invention and enter into an agreement with Grainger and HD Supply Construction & Industrial who now carry the solution in their catalog. Dreambox helped bring this product from idea to product on catalog.

We turned to Dreambox; their process is truly impressive. The branding differentiated us. Dreambox strives for a quality and standards truly unique and rare; it is a breath of fresh air. — Andre Cattelier, President


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