Highlight: Jim Bender

Jim Bender is an individual who enjoys challenges. An army veteran, traveler, and California native, Jim’s adventurous spirit and problem-solving nature eventually led him to a career as a contractor and consultant. Today he works in homes, particularly with houses that are for sale. Many lived-in homes have their unique issues and quirks that must be fixed before they are sold. Jim addresses the needs of homeowner and buyer, finding positive solutions to meet the needs of both.

Jim is highly qualified in his profession, with more than fourteen years of experience in the industry as a builder and real estate agent, including serving on the board of directors of a reputable real estate association. He understands all sides of the business, and has excelled as a builder, designer, real estate agent, and insurance broker. This wealth of experience has led to Jim’s current occupation. Following a position as an executive vice president of an insurance brokerage, Jim returned to the foundation of home building. Just a year ago he built on his experiences by taking a new direction, starting his own business as a consultant and contractor. He has developed a reputation of one who cares and gives his best to his projects. “My primary interest is not to saturate myself with heavy projects but to take on projects that make a difference. I like to stand back and take a look and appreciate what I’ve done. I love to make a change, make it really turn out nice, and to see people enjoy what I have done. So I hope to develop the reputation of being someone who really cares about what they do and who takes great enjoyment in what they do.” 

Developing such a solid reputation can be challenging for a burgeoning business. This is where Bender’s path intersected with Doru Bere of Dreambox. According to Jim, Dreambox was a necessary part of designing his new business. “Whether it be the logo, the name, the type of marketing materials, the spirit behind the whole process — Doru has always been there. He wanted to get to the heart of Jim Bender, who is Jim Bender, what is he looking to do and why is he looking to do it.” Doru’s interest, time, and involved questionnaires were unique to the business, and were one of the main reasons Jim chose to work with Dreambox. “I’ve never come across anybody who first looks at the person starting the company and who they are before he gets to what their company is going to be doing. He builds the business marketing based on the personality of the individual.” 

When Jim first met Doru, he was a guest speaker at a Rotary meeting. “I listened to him talk and he seemed so passionate about what he and his business did. I just thought this is the man that I would like to invest in, to be able to help me get to success. He just seemed so real and the more I know him the more I realize he is the person — what you see is what you get.” 

Doru’s knowledge, patience, and creativity were key to a successful working relationship. He is a business owner who understands the unique challenges businesses face, be it time management, client relationships, or marketing development and strategies. According to Jim, “He knows what I am up against and he has created a plan, a map, for me to follow and all I have to do is follow that map and that plan and put energy in it to become as successful as I’d like to be. I know what I can do and with his help I am very confident I’ll exceed my goals and expectations.” 

My mission is to make people feel they are leaving the house to the next buyer in great condition. I give 120%, and homeowners walk away thinking it was a great experience. The mission is to take care of all their problems to the best of my ability. — Jim Bender

Jim Bender aims to grow a business that is more than just construction, a business that is about the people involved. See more details on this project.


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